War Never Changes

an original fallout rp established in 2012 | player driven, world building | no word count, no character limit, includes Fallout 1 - 4

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SEE YOU IN THE PAST Thank you for having made Vault-Tec your #1 choice for nuclear preparedness for 4 years running. The experimental phase of our Vault has expired. You are released back into the world to recreate the American dream once again. This vault will now be an archive to the stories that took place within it. Vault-Tec wishes you the best, perhaps we'll see you in the past. Always remember, citizens: War. War never changes.

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08.01.17 See you in the year 2077.

10.23.16 "War Never Changes" DLC launches. Public reopening initiates.

09.30.16 After 4 good years, the story concludes. Fallout 66 ends.

Race Ratio Oct. 2016

Super Mutant
Faction Ratio Oct. 2016

Group Ratio Oct. 2016

Union Station
River King
The House
Vault 58
Carousel Crypt
The Clinic
War... war never changes. It began with the bombing of the old world. Nuclear fire destroyed much of the American Commonwealth, and what survived did so by adjusting to the wasteland left in war's wake. 200 years after, from west coast expansion, the Will Roger Caravan Company takes up the challenge to establish the Route 66 highway as a caravan trade route. One massive campaign stretching from NCR controlled California to the Brotherhood of Steel bunkers in Chicago, Illinois.

The caravan trail reaches the end of its progress in the state of Missury, at the St. Louis trade stop. A year-long campaign in the mutant city sees the rise and fall of a multitude of different lives and groups. Amid the daily struggle, civilization takes hold over the radioactive ruins below the Gateway to the West. The battle for St. Louis culminates into a massive event 200 years in the making. It all ends in another nuclear detonation to the city.

The ghosts of 2077 play a dirge, a blues song about how war, war never changes.

October-December, 2299

The temperature is dropping, but it's nothing like the blizzard of 2298. Proper shelter at night is becoming non-negotiable. Drifters must either pool their resources to afford a homestead or they must rent from one of the few establishments remaining.

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Vault rules are simple: Listen to the Overseers, don't start trouble, stay active each month, and register characters in proper caps. Think you can manage?

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[ Downloadable Content Installed ] "War Never Changes" After 4 years, our main story is finished - welcome to our DLC installation! You will determine your own outcome here.

"War Never Changes" is a purely member & character driven sandbox. Those that participate and plot will find their stories progressing and that their choices and actions shape the wastes around them. World building is in your hands - create or destroy, the choice is yours. The board has canon characters, but their stories have already been told. Each new player coming in will now have their own chance to survive the wasteland... or succumb to it.

"War Never Changes" adheres to a realistic, Survival difficulty setting where game play yields to logic. [ Vault-Tec Administrator ]

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